Having a great 50th birthday

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Having a great 50th birthday

I'm so excited about my 50th birthday. This is the first party I've had in nearly 20 years where I don't have to organise babysitters! I finally have money to have a really huge party, so we are going all out. I've got a great events organiser coming who has got a cool DJ and a great caterer coming. It's a lot of work organising all of my friends and family, but it's going to be worth it to have all the people I love together for one night of fun. If you are also organising a great 50th birthday party, then keep reading.

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Outdoor wedding venues are an increasingly popular option for Australian couples who are tying the knot. There is something magical, relaxing and less formal about being out in the fresh night air and beautiful Australian climate, instead of being sequestered inside a building for your celebrations. Even on the balmiest of evenings, you are still wise to have some sort of shelter for your guests. Many couples choose marquees, but if you're looking for a sturdier option, then a pavilion might be the perfect option. Read More 

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