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Having a great 50th birthday

I'm so excited about my 50th birthday. This is the first party I've had in nearly 20 years where I don't have to organise babysitters! I finally have money to have a really huge party, so we are going all out. I've got a great events organiser coming who has got a cool DJ and a great caterer coming. It's a lot of work organising all of my friends and family, but it's going to be worth it to have all the people I love together for one night of fun. If you are also organising a great 50th birthday party, then keep reading.

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Two Tips for Couples Who Want to Rent Wedding Marquees

Here are two tips for couples who want to rent wedding marquees.

 Book a Wedding Marquee That Can Accommodate More

If they can afford it, those in this situation should select a marquee for their wedding that will be able to accommodate more people than the number on their guest list. The first reason for this is that at a wedding reception, the guests don't usually stay in their seats for the entire event. After the meal, they may want to get up and visit other tables to chat with people or they might want to be able to enjoy the occasional dance without having to go all the way over to the dance floor. If the wedding marquee a couple has rented is only just large enough to hold all of their guests, it might be hard for those attending to do these things. They might have to squeeze past the other tables and there might not be quite enough room between the tables for them to comfortably dance or stand around chatting.

The second reason is that if a couple opts for a bigger marquee than they technically need, it will be much easier for them to accommodate any last-minute requests from their guests to invite unexpected plus-ones or to accommodate guests who initially thought they couldn't attend, but later realised they could. If these situations arise, a couple who's booked a marquee with a higher-than-necessary capacity will be able to allow these people to attend, without this resulting in their marquee becoming overcrowded.

Ensure You Prepare for a Range of Weather Conditions


Couples who rent wedding marquees often do so because they want to host their weddings in beautiful outdoor settings, where their guests will get to not only spend time inside the marquees but will also get to celebrate in the exterior surroundings, too. As such, it's important for any couple who wishes to rent a wedding marquee to prepare for a range of weather conditions (regardless of the forecast for the date of this event).

For example, if their marquee will have a walkway leading up to it, they might want to ensure that this walkway has a canopy placed over it so that if it rains, guests can still travel over this walkway to get some fresh air without getting soaked. Additionally, if there's a chance it might be cold at this event, the couple should not only arrange for the marquee interior to be heated but should also consider having some outdoor patio heaters positioned outside the marquee. These will keep the guests warm if they want to spend some time outside. Conversely, if it's likely to be very hot, the couple might not only want to arrange for portable air conditioners to be put inside the marquee but might also want to have some fans and awnings placed around its exterior, to keep their guests cool when they step outside.

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