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Having a great 50th birthday

I'm so excited about my 50th birthday. This is the first party I've had in nearly 20 years where I don't have to organise babysitters! I finally have money to have a really huge party, so we are going all out. I've got a great events organiser coming who has got a cool DJ and a great caterer coming. It's a lot of work organising all of my friends and family, but it's going to be worth it to have all the people I love together for one night of fun. If you are also organising a great 50th birthday party, then keep reading.

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2 Stunning Roof Styles for Your Wedding Pavilion

Outdoor wedding venues are an increasingly popular option for Australian couples who are tying the knot. There is something magical, relaxing and less formal about being out in the fresh night air and beautiful Australian climate, instead of being sequestered inside a building for your celebrations.

Even on the balmiest of evenings, you are still wise to have some sort of shelter for your guests. Many couples choose marquees, but if you're looking for a sturdier option, then a pavilion might be the perfect option. Pavilions are very similar to regular marquees but use a thicker steel frame that doesn't require guy ropes to hold it in place.

Pavilions also offer you more flexibility over the roof you can choose. Here are a two different yet equally stunning roof styles that you might like to consider for your wedding pavilion.

1. A clear roof

A clear roof on your pavilion gives you all the benefits of adequate shelter while still providing you with the true feeling of being outdoors. It's a great choice if you love star gazing or are wanting to create a verdant and natural conservatory like decor for your wedding.

Clear roofs also look wonderful if you'd like to use strings of fairy lights to light the interior of your pavilion. The clear roof panels will reflect the delicate and pretty lights, doubling the level of sparkle and magical light.

2. A plain white roof

Plain white roofs for your pavilion are ideal if you're planning to use the roof area as a blank canvas to attach your wedding decorations to. Flowers, bunting and festoon lights look striking against the white backdrop. If you're planning on using some elaborate, multicoloured lighting, then you'll also get the full and vibrant effect as it reflects off the glossy white roof.

A plain white roof is also the best choice if you're planning to line the interior of your pavilion with fabric. The draped white fabric that lines the pavilion will look softer and more decadent with an extra layer of white behind it.

If you think that a pavilion might the ideal structure for your upcoming outdoor wedding, then contact a local event hire company that stocks a range of pavilions. They will generally have a range of pavilions in different sizes as well as different roof styles and pavilion linings to choose from. Contact party hire companies like Renniks Event to learn more about other stunning and contemporary products to help make your wedding pavilion a beautiful and dazzling wedding venue.