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Having a great 50th birthday

I'm so excited about my 50th birthday. This is the first party I've had in nearly 20 years where I don't have to organise babysitters! I finally have money to have a really huge party, so we are going all out. I've got a great events organiser coming who has got a cool DJ and a great caterer coming. It's a lot of work organising all of my friends and family, but it's going to be worth it to have all the people I love together for one night of fun. If you are also organising a great 50th birthday party, then keep reading.

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Your Complete Checklist to Executing the Best Home-catered Party

Any party is only as good as its planners and service providers. Party planning can get very stressful, especially since it involves coordination of many moving parts. This article highlights what you need to do at different points to execute the best party. However, the earlier you start planning, the better. This is especially true when planning during peak party periods such as holidays and graduation seasons. Read on to learn more.

Ten to four weeks to D-day

This is the initial planning stage, and it should start much earlier if you're targeting a peak season date. Start by creating your invitation list. Once you decide, create and send out these invitations by any convenient means: phone message, email or normal mail, for instance. You should ask guests with particular diet requirements to indicate the details in their RSVP message. You should also decide on a theme if you want one, as this will guide your choice of party rentals such as tents, chairs, drapery and utensils, among others. Meet with different service providers to receive quotations for these, depending on your theme and guest list.

Three weeks to D-day

You have probably glossed over desired dishes, but now you'll need to pin down your exact menu. You'll probably have all your RSVPs back, and you should take into account any special diet requirements. As much as possible, choose dishes which can be prepared in advance so that you can reduce your workload as the party draws closer. Identify your food sources, and place any orders that are needed. You can delegate some of these tasks to available family and friends.

Two weeks to D-day

Bring out your china, crystal, cookware and silverware, and ensure you have enough for all your guests. You can rent any extras you need, especially for larger parties. You can also polish them and launder any table linens and napkins in advance. Next, shop for whatever you need to make the first round of foods. Ensure you have a designated storage area for them. Finally, begin making an entertainment playlist to give your party DJ.

One week to D-day

Let your neighbours know about the party so they can expect the disruption. Clean the house thoroughly. Buy your wine and soft drinks, and ensure that your bar is well stocked. Confirm with your party rental service about availability and timings for setup. It is best to have them set up on the day before the party so that you have time to fill up any gaps/correct mishaps.

Day before

Set your tables, have flowers delivered and work on your menu (do as much as can be done today). Give the house a last gloss-over, and prepare to receive your guests. Go to bed early to give yourself enough resting time. The last thing you want is to look exhausted on your big day.


Finish with the last-minute recipes, then set out the snacks and appetizers that won't go bad. Wrap food with cling film, and only remove it once the guests have arrived. Enjoy your perfectly planned and executed party!